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welcome to

social club rocks!

Thank you for downloading our ‘Unofficial’ Social Club App!

We are Hodler Enterprises, a small tech company based in Sweden.
The app you’ve downloaded was created ‘just for fun’. We are surprised by the amount of downloads and have now decided to take things a little further.

This app has not been approved by TakeTwo or by Rockstar.
This is a 3rd party mobile app. Created by the community.

Want to meet with people on GTA?

There are 2 methods to join people.

First. Join our Social Club Crew.
Crew Name: Social Club Rocks
Crew Tag: SCRX
Owner: TheRealAntares

You can also join our chat servers on Telegram to meet new people on GTA Online.

First. Download Telegram on your mobile.
Download link:

Second. Choose your chat server below.

(Discord coming soon)

Telegram Servers for PC

#General (PS4 & XBOX & PC)